February 24, 2021 – Publisher Pandasaurus Games announced the new board game Brew. Brew is a light-to-midweight game that utilizes a combination of dice rolling, worker placement, and area control mechanisms. Besides the intrigue you are bound to feel after reading the game description, the most interesting thing here is that this beautiful title is being brought to life by the publisher’s head of graphic design Stevo Torres. A publisher having that much faith in their employees is the refreshing news the world needs right now.

The game releases June 16, 2021, and can be preordered now from Pandasuarus Games. In the meantime, a digital version of the game will roll out soon with Pandasuarus showing it off in playthroughs during the upcoming Gen Con Spring (March 1-7) and AwShux (April 23-25). If you join their discord server you can leave a message in the #brew channel to save a spot.


Thematically, you’re trying to restore balance to the forest where all the seasons and times of day are happening concurrently. Players will utilize their dice to gather ingredients for powerful potions or assign them to matching forest spaces to encourage equilibrium.

Each round, all players roll the 6 dice in their dice pools. Then players take turns in clockwise order and continue taking turns until everyone has run out of dice. 

At the end of the round, players claim the forests that they control, and then perform cleanup steps to start the next round. Part of this cleanup phase includes flipping over the game board – changing the setting from day to night, or vice versa – which alters gameplay by offering new actions to take in the next round!

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Brew Board Game Components

Handling the art is Jake Morrison and Andrew Thompson. “Fans will instantly be able to recognize the artistic style of Jake Morrison’s illustrations, which bring the gameplay to life. The talented Andrew Thompson also assisted with the illustrations, including some of the whimsical forest creatures, which all turned out phenomenal!”

Brew Board Game Character Art

Photos provided by Pandasuarus Games.

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