March 8, 2021 – If you are a fan of games The Loop and Wild Space but wanted them in English, you are in luck. Pandasaurus Games announced this weekend at digital GenCon that they are partnering with French publisher Catch Up Games to publish the English editions of these two hot titles.

Loop is a co-operative game that pits everyone against an interesting villain in a variety of games modes. Wild Space is a tactical card game that is all about managing your reserves and making the right combos. The artwork for all the Catch Up games always have great style and you can see that here. Both will be available in September of this year, with pre-orders opening in the Spring.

Check out the video announcement from GenCon on Twitch


The Loop Board Game Play Overview

The LOOP is a quirky cooperative game where everyone must unite to battle the evil Dr. Foo. In the game, players are Temporal Agents tasked with gathering powerful artifacts, defying the Doctor’s clones, and sabotaging his maniacal machine.

Decode 4 different game modes, each full of new challenges and replay value! Make the most of your cards and master the LOOP to use them multiple times in impressive chains. But beware… the Doctor isn’t going to make this easy on you!

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Wild Space Board Game Specialist Cards

A new galaxy has just been discovered on the borders of the Empire! Commanding your Spaceship, go forth and explore this new El Dorado full of treasures and mysteries… Your discoveries will allow you to expand your Crew: recruit Specialists of all species, get help from Robots, and catch the attention of Empire Emissaries, who will entrust you with important missions.

Wild Space is a tactical card game in which players must unleash clever combinations as they build their bustling crew. Each time you add new cards to your collection, you’ll reinforce your crew, earn credits, and prepare for future turns. Wild Space brings all the excitement of the best combo card games – plus a short play time and accessible rules. Gear up and prepare for a cosmically good time!

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Photos via Pandasaurus Games

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