September 27, 2021 – Publisher Portal Games releases Dreadful Circus gameplay trailer. The publisher behind such big strategic hits Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game and Prêt-à-Porter is bringing something completely new to the market. The trailer comes ahead of the upcoming release, Kicking off at Essen Spiel on October 15th, 2021.

Announcement from Portal Games:

“At Dreadful Circus, our goal will be to create an unforgettable exhibition to our visitors’ delight and the envy of the competition. We will create our ridiculous shows with the Attraction and Performance cards. We put the former on the table in front of us, ensuring long-term benefits. The latter has an immediate effect and we discard them after use. However, we will not play both types of cards directly from our hand, but only after purchasing them from the Seller.”

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Dreadful Cricus is a Auction/Bidding, Betting and Bluffing, Set Collection card game. It is designed by legendary designer Bruno Faidutti (Mission: Red Planet, Citadels, Raptor) and illustrated by Mateusz Bielski (Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers) and Maciej Simiński. It is for 4 – 8 players with an age recommendation of 14+ with games lasting about 30 – 40 minutes.

Dreadful Circus is a set-collection card game in which players try to create the most successful circus! The game comes with a unique twist: Over the course of the game, players buy cards that have special final scoring rules. As the game progresses and more cards are gained, each player develops their very own final scoring rules. No game is the same, and no player at the table scores the same way.


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