February 7, 2022 – Publisher Renegade Games announced the new Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Expansion Omega Forever via their site today. The first expansion for the deck construct and upgrade title that was originally released in 2021 is now available for presale at a $30 price and is expected to ship for a June 2022 release.

Omega Now, Omega Forever! When the Morphin Grid was shattered, its energy empowered individuals across the galaxy. In this expansion to the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game, you can play as one of the powerful Omega Rangers or the dangerous Anointed.

Both sides bring new cards and mechanics to the fight! Cavotus for example is the only villain that can actually flip to his empowered side without having all of his attachments slots filled (and watch out when he does!), while the Rangers can make use of their new Omega Coins to temporarily flip to their Ranger side, OR can use the coin when already morphed to trigger additional effects!


  • The Omega Rangers vs the Anointed
  • Over 80 new cards! 
  • Fusion Zords allow for high-powered combinations
  • Use Dayne’s vast arsenal of weapons
  • Utilize the awesome power of the Omega Coins
  • Designed for 2-4 players ages 14+ to enjoy in 30-70 min.

Regardless of which side you’re fighting for, Omega Forever takes the fight to a whole new level, so pre-order today and get Omega Bonus Pack #1, featuring 8 beautiful foil versions of the included character cards at no additional cost!

Power Rangers Deck Building Game Omega Forever Expansion 3d Game Box

For those not familiar, Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game is a competitive deck-building game that pits 1-2 heroes against 1-2 villains. In this asymmetrical game, the hero and villain sides play a bit differently, but in the end, they both have the same goal: Crush your enemies!

During your turn, you play cards to generate shards and energy. You use shards to buy cards or battle adversaries and gain rewards. You can attack the opposing team using attack cards, and when you are attacked, you can defend with block cards. At the end of your turn, you perform any “end of turn” actions, discard cards played that turn, take one damage for each adversary in “The Grid”, then refill your hand to five cards.

The first side to reduce their opponent’s hit points to 0 wins.

Also released in 2021 was a completely separate entity, Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game – Zeo: Stronger Than Before. This is different in that it is that it can act as a complete stand-alone title but then also work with the original. This expansion, Omega Forever, requires either that standalone or the original to work.

Renegade Game Studios has been going hard into the Power Rangers space. They also have the completely separate Power Rangers franchise “Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid” which is all about cooperative, dice rolling, progressive action.

It is not just Power Rangers though. They have really set the tone of working on robust IP with big epic strategy games that are very broad and commercial. Not only do they have these Power Ranger titles but they also work with G.I. JOE and My Little Pony to name just a few other marquee toy brands that they are involved with.

Source: https://renegadegamestudios.com/blog/announcing-the-power-rangers-deckbuilding-game-omega-forever-expansion/

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