October 20, 2021 – Welbeck Publishing and Asmodee have partnered to create puzzle books using Ticket To Ride and Unlock Escape Room Brands. Coming on the heels of an initial cross-promotion that brought one of Asmodee’s crowing brands, Catan, and the puzzle book knowhow of Welbeck, the two companies are extending their working relationship. These two new puzzle books are releasing on October 28th in the UK.

In October of 2020, “Catan Puzzle Book” was released. Inside are 100 original puzzles based on the wildly popular board game, providing a narrative adventure that allows you to discover the unsettled island of Catan. Alongside original artworks from CATAN, each puzzle contains its own pleasures and solving them allows you to win resources. Resources lead to victory points… and victory points lead to success.

Some reference puzzles to give you a better idea are below. The full book is available on Amazon.

Catan Puzzle Book Landfall Example
Catan Puzzle Book The Brick Road

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Now that Catan is in the books (pun intended) and apparently has been doing well, it is some time for two new titles. The two companies had this jointly to say in a press release –

Welbeck Publishing Group and Asmodee Entertainment are pleased to announce the upcoming release of two further titles based on some of Asmodee’s best-known gaming brands. This new collaboration will see both Days of Wonder’s Ticket to Ride and Space Cowboy’s Unlock! titles join CATAN in Welbeck’s range of board game-inspired puzzle books.

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About the Ticket To Ride Puzzle Book

The Ticket to Ride Puzzle Book takes readers through a narrative trip across the world, and along the way the reader will have to solve 100 puzzles in order to complete the journey successfully, collecting train tickets along the way. Written by experienced puzzle writer and board game designer Richard Wolfrik Galland, the book combines the classic board game’s artwork with all-new thematic puzzles.

Ticket To Ride Puzzle Book Cover

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About the Unlock! Puzzle Book

The Unlock! Escape Adventure Puzzle Book provides a new way to enjoy the popular Unlock! Escape Adventure series by translating the game onto the page to create an engaging and interactive escape room-style experience. Three fan-favourite scenarios are included within this book, including the popular Squeek and Sausage scenario featuring Professor Noside. The Unlock! Escape Adventures Puzzle Book is written by Jason Ward, a celebrated entertainment writer and puzzle creator.

Unlock Puzzle Book Cover

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About Welbeck Publishing

Welbeck Publishing Group is an exciting, fast-growing independent publisher based in London, dedicated to publishing only the very best and most commercial books spanning a number of genres and categories, from leading authors and well-known brands to debut talent. We live for books that entertain, excite and enhance the lives of readers around the world. From building our boutique fiction and narrative non-fiction lists to shaping our world-renowned illustrated reference, gift and children’s titles, our aim is to be a market-leader in every category in which we publish. Our books and products come to life for adults, children, and families in 30 languages in more than 60 countries around the world, selling through a variety of traditional and non-traditional channels. We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver our exceptional content and new ideas to inspire readers and listeners everywhere.

Find out more at: www.welbeckpublishing.com

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