Quiz: Play Me In Cards Against Humanity

Play Me in Cards Against Humanity

Play me in Cards Against Humanity. Take the quiz below to see if you can choose the answer I would choose. Over the course of 22 rounds, a black question card is shown with 6 accompanying white answer card options. See if you can successfully choose the answer that I would choose. I like smarter, better thought out answers that are also funny. I do not just go for the most shocking, lude thing. Do you know funny? Take the quiz and see how good of a score you can get.

In case you are unaware, Cards Against Humanity is a very adult card game about matching two cards to ab lib a hilarious phrase better than anyone else. The games uses a rotating submit and judge system making for fun and very personalized conversations. Be warned that the game can be very crude and is not for the sensitive or for non-adults.

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