October 16, 2020 – A great gaming specialty craftsman company with a great reputation, Rathskellers launches modular gaming table on Kickstarter. The folks behind this company is a multi-generational family of Greek furniture craftsmen dating back to 1958. Rathskellers has been in business since 2013, making fine tables and gaming accessories for satisfied fans since, but this is their first Kickstarter launch and it is a big one!

Their specialty is game room tables made only from the highest quality white European oak solid woods and they have been working to become one of the best names in that space. They have certainly succeeded and with the influx of gaming tables on Kickstarter, it makes sense that they are getting into the game.

The features are impressive! The table can be completely customized to make for the right look and then on top of that, the modularity and accessories list goes on and on. This is certainly one to take a look at.

The medium table runs about €999 with the large at €1,199 and are available on Kickstarter now!

Rathskellers Modular Table : For Dining, Gaming & RPGs

The campaign runs until Thursday, November 12, 2020 with a goal of $117k. It will most certainly surpass that total. Follow along with the campaign to see how high they get.


THE COUNCILOR – Beloved by Board Gamers & RPG players worldwide, a D&D heaven. The gaming table that started everything, introduced our innovative aluminum railing system, the charismatic wooden surfaces, the felt cap, the bluetooth sound system, the wireless charging, the seamless lighting, the water resistance, achieving legacy and pushing the competition in similar offerings worldwide. Our playground, our first child, a little beast.

THE PHALANX – Uses a combination of wood and metal to give our gaming table a minimalistic and contemporary look. Also a jewel in a working space. It is our first gaming table that doesn’t feature our innovative Aluminum Railing System. Instead we have included all the accessories and functions a gamer needs built into the Phalanx, introducing player stations. You can literally have a Dice Tower built into your tabletop table.

THE HIVE – Grand Dedicated Hexagonal Game Room Table which can transform into a dining table, made from White European Oak. It comes with the Game Cellar and aluminum railing system. It’s purely made for Gamers and D&D or RPGs. Hexagonal shape ensures that each player can reach the middle of the table and provides privacy for those games that require extra stealth or your D&D / RPG campaigns

THE GARRISON – Coffee & gaming table is designed to act as your gaming center in a living room, kids room or other smaller area. It is chock full of storage with four large drawers that are big enough for most board games, four small drawers ideal for card games or remote controls, two magazine / book storage areas, and one large open space for your Alhambra Big Boxes. Whatever is required, the Garrison can provide. Don’t judge by the size.

See their table guide here

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