January 7, 2022 – Publisher Alley Cat Games announced that a Reiner Knizia Amun-Re reprint is coming to Kickstarter in the Spring of 2022. The original version of the board game came out in 2003 and is well renowned for being a really crunchy ancient economic title.

Play through the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. Bidding for control of provinces and building great pyramids throughout the land. The package is a reprint of the classic and with 3 brand new expansions and art from Vincent Dutrait. Another big bonus is that it plans on working on the play for 2 or 3 players.

Everyone knows of the pyramids on the Nile – eternal monuments of a powerful and beautiful culture, that can still take our breath away. The pharaohs choose their sites, build their pyramids, and thank Amun Re and the other Gods for their bounty.

Each player wants, as pharaoh, to build the most pyramids. To accomplish this, he must first acquire a province, where he can trade and farm. With his profits, he can buy new provinces and building stones to erect pyramids. For all his actions, the player must make clever use of his power cards, and always offer appropriate sacrifices to Amun Re. Players must always keep their eyes on the goal of the building of the eternal pyramids or risk falling behind in points.

Reiner Knizia is one of the most well-known board game designers in existence and it known for his really robust euro titles. His most popular titles include Tigris & Euphrates (1997), The Quest for El Dorado (2017), Ra (1999), Modern Art (1992), My City (2020), Lost Cities (1999) and so many more.

Are you excited a Reiner Knizia Amun-Re reprint is coming To Kickstarter? Are you backing? Let us know in the comments below!