February 3, 2021 – Renegade Announces an Aggretsuko card game for a Spring 2021 release based on the iconic Japanese animation property. Ever find yourself just trying to make it through the workday? Aggretsuko Work/Rage Balance, as its called, can relate. This interesting title appears to test the balance of keeping it all in or dealing with the consequences of letting it out. Be the first to empty your hand to finish up your hectic day.

Aggretsuko is a Japanese musical comedy anime web television series based on the eponymous character created by “Yeti” for the mascot company Sanrio. The character first appeared in a series of animated shorts by Fanworks which aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television) between April 2016 and March 2018. A series adaptation was launched worldwide on Netflix in April 2018, followed by the second season in June 2019, and the third season in August 2020. A fourth season has been announced. The show is beloved and highly praised receiving such write-ups as “Netflix’s Aggretsuko show is a shockingly insightful portrait of feminine rage” on The Verge.

You can pre-order the game now at a cost of $20.

Check out the full description from the Renegade Games page:

Aggretsuko is a fast-playing card game for 3-6 players, where each player takes the role of a mild-mannered office worker trying to get through their work each day. If a worker becomes frustrated, they can RAGE to let out their inner heavy-metal rock star. RAGING will provide some much-needed relief from the daily grind, but it may have consequences later on. 

The game is played over five hands, each one representing a day at the office. Each day, workers try to complete their work and go home by being the first to play all the cards from their hand. The first worker to complete all of their work ends the day. The others must count up the cards left in their hands and record the extra hours that they owe the company. If they have too much work left, they may even have to put in overtime!


  • Go from mild-mannered office worker to raging heavy-metal rock star as you race to finish your work.  
  • Combine co-workers like Director Ton, Director Gori, and Kabae to be the first to empty your hand.  
  • Still have cards in your hand at the end of the day? You’ll have to work overtime! 
  • A card game for 3-6 Players, ages 10+, with a playtime of 30 min. 

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