October 20, 2021 – Master game designer Richard Garfield Takes On Roll and Write Genre with Dungeons, Dice and Danger. The legendary designer created the first-ever TTG (trading card game) Magic the Gathering in 1993 and then moved over to board games creating titles like Roboralley in 1994, Netrunner in 1996, Rocketville in 2006, King of Tokyo in 2011, Bunny Kingdom in 2017 and the highly anticipated The Hunger coming from Renegade Games (see his full gameography below).

However, now he is taking on a popular genre that he has yet to make a splash in, the roll and write genre. For those unfamiliar, roll and writes are basically the grandchildren of Yahtzee. You do not even need dice like the name implies. This is all about every player having a score sheet and every turn marking off one of the scoring options from it, making tough decisions and watching space get tighter and tighter until everyone is done.

Check out our list of the best roll and write games to get a better sense of the field. It is not just about numbers anymore, there are plenty of options that are very thematic and have nothing to do with actual math.

Dungeons, Dice and Danger, coming in 2022 from publisher Alea (via their partnership with Ravensberger) was shown off at Essen Spiel 2021. The above image is a promotional card that was given away there. The game is described as:

Gather your courage, pack your sword, and roll the dice as you journey through the realm in search of treasure and glory. In the roll-and-write game Dungeons, Dice, & Danger, you explore deep, dark dungeons filled with treasure — and infested with monsters! Do you have what it takes to be a hero of legend?

In addition to the aforementioned people behind this upcoming title, this new title will be designed by Cam Kendell. He is the artist behind such popular titles as 5-Minute Mystery, Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness, Dungeon Dice and My First Castle Panic, to name a few. With an overall team of this pedigree, you know we are in for something good.

Richard Garfield Gameography

1993 Magic: The Gathering
1994 RoboRally
1994 Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
1995 The Great Dalmuti
1996 Netrunner
1996 BattleTech CCG
1997 Dilbert: Corporate Shuffle
1998 Filthy Rich
1998 Twitch
1998 Pecking Order
2002 Star Wars: Trading Card Game
2006 Rocketville
2011 King of Tokyo
2012 Android: Netrunner
2013 Ghooost!
2014 King of New York
2015 Treasure Hunter
2016 Robo Rally
2016 SpyNet
2017 Bunny Kingdom
2018 KeyForge: Call of the Archons
2018 Artifact
2021 The Hunger
2022 Dungeons, Dice and Danger

Are you excited by the news Richard Garfield takes on Roll and Write genre? Do you want to play Dungeons, Dice and Danger? Let us know in the comments below!