Our Ripple Rush review, what we have to say about the light and breezy roll-n-write game. Everyone gets their own score sheet and cards filled with a shape and number. These correspond to rows you need to add them. The only hook is they need to go in order, so as space gets tight, decisions increase in difficulty. This is by no means a revolutionary title but if you are looking for something incredibly easy and portable that can be out on the table quickly, this is a solid choice.

We took a look across fun, replayability, player interaction, quality and art & style to come up with the overall score for our Ripple Rush review. See the breakdown by category below.

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Fun (6 out of 10)

For the fun section of the Ripple Rush review, we award an ok 6 out of 10. The game is fun. If you were stuck in a log cabin situation with friends or family, looking for something to do, and you found this, you would all high five. There is just not much to it that gets you really excited.

It boils down on one solid mechanic and is easy to bust out but so is tic tac toe or hangman. Not sure there is enough meat on the bone. That being said, if this is thrown in front of you, banging out a quick 3 at 15 minutes a pop is a solid good time.

Replayability (4 out of 10)

For the replayability section of the Ripple Rush review, we award a below average 4 out of 10. We are already starting at a place of not much pizazz in the box from the fun category so that is not a good start.

This is all about taking in numbers and hedging probability to leave yourself the most options for the best chance of success. You catch on to how the gameplay works quickly, so the excitement there is gone, and then there is a ton of luck and no real edge to take, so you never really get invested.

Player Interaction (5 out of 10)

For the player interaction section of the Ripple Rush review, we award a middle of the road 5 out of 10. We take player interaction with a grain of salt and need to consider the genre of the game before thinking about how successful it is. In Roll-N-Write games, the genre of Ripple Rush, player interaction is historically low.

This game is nothing to write home about but is by no means the worst. There is an interesting mechanic where if you cannot play a card, then all other players can utilize it on their own sheet. It is just enough of an edge to have to keep an eye out on others, but albeit not a super strong one.

Quality (5 out of 10)

For the quality section of the Ripple Rush review, we award another middle of the road 5 out of 10. The game is just a nice little game, throw it in a stocking stuffer, play it once in a hotel and forget it, pop it out during a road trip.

These are all worthwhile experiences that you are going to be able to do with Ripple Rush. It is not going to disappoint, there is just not really anything to it. There is a certain amount of balance that goes into making the interesting score bonuses that happen, which does deserve credit, but not seeing too much past that.

Art & Style (4 out of 10)

For the art & style section of the Ripple Rush review, we award another below average 4 out of 10. The designers of this game did a good job of trying to cram some life into this title by adding vibrant colors and shapes but that can only go so far, there is just not much here.

In addition to putting together something that does come off a bit generic, there is no direction in the art when needed. You cannot immediately tell which side is up, which affects 6s and 9s. Sure the shadow on the shape is different and you can figure it out, but it feels like a waste of time the player should not have to participate in. Just add a line or a dot and we can immediately know.


Ripple Rush Review | Board Game Halv

Ripple Rush is a fun game, there are just better ones out there for all the situations you would find yourself in when playing it. All the scores here are basically middle of the board because everything was just fine. It is like streaming something for free or paying to go see it in the theatre. If I streamed this game for free, I would be happy with the two hours of entertainment, but if I paid to see it in the theatre, I might regret that decision. That does not mean don't buy it, just make sure it is really something you want to try. If you love roll-n-write (this is technically a flip-n-write we know), like simple & breezy and lean towards non-complex math mechanics, this is for you. This has been our Ripple Rush review.

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