That’s right, the iconic game is now more mobile than ever. The Scythe mobile game can now be in your pocket, everywhere you go. It originally released in 2016 has been sweeping digital but now thanks to Asmodee, is now on iOS and Android. The game highly held as one of the best titles of all time and originally published by Stonemaier Games is complex but well worth the investment of your time. Here is the video announcement made by Asmodee:


Scythe is set in an alternate-history 1920s period. You are a character from one of five factions of Eastern Europe, attempting to earn your fortune and claim your faction’s stake in the land around the mysterious Factory. You must conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs. For 1 – 5 players, games last approximately 90 – 115 minutes.

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