The Scythe premium rulebook is coming and it is one of the most beautiful rulebooks that has ever been made. A massive 136-page compilation of all Scythe rules and clarifications has been printed and is about to ship out to those who pre-order the functional guide that could double as a coffee table book.

The game design was done by Jamey Stegmaier with the compilation of the document handled by Matt and Brittany Griepp. The Scythe Complete Rulebook measures 216x279x12mm and weighs 0.7 kg. An initial print run will be available exclusively via the Stonemaier Store (fulfilled from the US, CA, UK, and AU) in the summer of 2020 for $20.

According to a blog post via Stonemaier Games, in addition to all the details, they tell the glorious backstory of how this came to be:

Over the last few years, particularly as the number of Scythe expansions, accessories, and promos grew, a number of people asked me if I would consider printing a single book containing all of the rules. My response has been that it’s actually a big project if done well, and it wasn’t something I wanted to devote my graphic designer’s time to (we keep Christine very busy). A few people have even reached out to me to say they would compile the full rulebook, but then they realize how much work it is.

But then something unexpected happened. Not only did Scythe fans Matt and Brittany reach out to me last year to say they were interested in taking the time to compile, organize, and index a complete Scythe rulebook…they actually did it! I was amazed by what they pulled off. In addition to compiling all Scythe rules in one place (including, for example, all of the mech abilities on consecutive pages, while still providing spoiler warnings when applicable, as well as all Automa content), they also included frequently asked questions and answers on a card-by-card basis. This isn’t just a rulebook–it’s the internet of Scythe, all in one place.

Scythe Premium Rulebook

For those who might not have the $20 to plop down for this, you are in luck, they are also providing a low res black and white pdf of the book so you can at least take advantage of the contents. The physical item is worth the money if you can do it.

With the Scythe Rulebook is coming, is this something you would buy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.