December 6, 2020 – A Settlers of Catan Beer?? Yes! Life is now complete!! Settlers of Catan the Beer is being brought to you by TOOL in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic form, with the amazing slogan – Trade, Build, Drink. Hold on though folks, there are no details about these being sold outside of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. When BRUS, the brewpub who debuted the announcement via their Instagram, was asked about how the rest of the world could get these they responded with “Coming Soon ✌?”.

The beer is being created by Tool (To Øl) an artisan group in Denmark, with the distributor being BRUS a brewpub by To Øl, both of which are a very big deal.

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Who Is The Creator Of Catan Beer – Tool

Starting out as a home brewing project back in 2005, To Øl was permanently established in 2010 working as a gypsy brewery lending in on other breweries spare capacity for the following decade. In 2019 we took over a former food factory in the Western part of Zealand, Denmark, where we’re setting up a full-blown specially designed brewery and craft beverage hub. To Øl City is the name of the place.

The facility is a 150.000 m2 ground with 26.600 m2 buildings on it. With To Øl City we are bringing all of our beer production home to Denmark ending a long and fun era as gypsy brewers. We will still be travelling and brewing abroad, but now we have a big and beautiful place to invite all of our friends and brewers over for collabs, fun and games too. To Øl City is also a craft beverage hub. Amazing craft beverage producers, who were previously limited by space and resources, can make a home in To Øl City and work with us to raise the bar in our industries exponentially higher. It is becoming a collective of the most talented craft beverage producers in Denmark, and we’re already hosting cider producers. kombucha brewers and rum distillers.

Where Can You Get Catan Beer – BRUS

BRUS is a brewpub by To Øl brewery. BRUS is a brewery, bar, bottleshop and restaurant in Nørrebro, where To Øl originally started their brewing adventures. A so-called brewpub, where the brew travel less than 20 meter from tanks to glass offering the arguably most fresh brew on the bridge!

In an old iron foundry and locomotive factory in Copenhagen, BRUS made the engines start running again. Brand new brewing facilities, specialty products, bar buzz and a kitchen team led by former Michelin starred chef Christian Gadient is breathing new life into the old warehouse; a 750m2 raw building with activities ranging from brewing, kegging, cooking, shopping, dining and drinking. It all comes together in a sum of quality, science, experiments and functionality to create a playful venue for beer-lovers, microbrewers and hungry souls who fancy some socializing city life.

The Danish name ‘BRUS’ refers to the sparkling quality liquid obtains when carbonated; the frizzy feeling of great brew. With production on-location, BRUS aims to be Copenhagen’s most ambitious microbrew projects to date.

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