October 24, 2020 – As part of a 2021 lineup showcase by publisher Grail Games, one point of interest was the Silicon Valley Board Game Announcement. The Kickstarter is far away, not expected to launch until the end of 2021, so details on the project were scarce but just enough to get people excited.

We know that it is from Scott Almes, the designer behind the ultra successful Tiny Epic Series and Boomerang for Grail Games among other titles. We also know that it is set in the very interesting world that was good enough for HBO to make and award winning show about that was beloved by all. This is what the publisher had to say about the game:

You are a startup, you are putting out products, you are copying others people’s products being second to market sometimes, you are getting funding from people, all trying to not go bankrupt. The first person to have a startup with over a 1 billion dollar valuation is the winner. But here is the thing, the way you put products on the market is by building a special patent with polynomial tiles. The tiles represent your staff’s code or thinking or ideas, all like a puzzle. You get benefits every round, but other people can copy (or “refine”) your products and then take some of those benefits. There is lots of push and pull interaction.

The publisher went on to say that this is most likely the heaviest game Grail will have released to date. It is in the heavy Euro world but it still feels like a Grail game. They have many Kickstarters lined up in 2021 but predict that this possibly could be the big one.

It supposedly comes with a solo mode that is one of the best solo modes ever for a larger game. That is a bold claim that we really hope is true, since that sounds like a fantastic scenario.

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