March 5, 2021 – In the form of a new free set of rules that can be downloaded online Small World gets 1 and 2 Player Game Modes you can play right now. This unique scenario has you banding against a villain of the game and is a smart way to go about bringing the experience to this player count.

There are currently 7 major expansions for Small World that bring something new to the title. For a game that has been out since 2009, it is nice to see quality content continue to roll out.

Description from Days of Wonder:

As the sun touches the mountain tops with predawn light, the Lost Tribes of Small World creep out of the shadows. After centuries of humiliation, they’ve emerged for revenge. Can you survive their retaliation?

With this mini expansion for solo play and 2-player games, you will play against a non-human opponent (the Lost Tribes) controlled by elegant rules and moved by you.

Small World Lost Tribes Cover


About Small World

Small World is the amazing combat strategy game set in a fantastical world of just too many creature races to survive. Random races are put out and you need to choose how you are going to enter this world and secure your territory. You need to balance attacking and defending, but the bigger hook is that you can move multiple races and you need to know where and when.

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Having you been waiting for the opportunity to play Small World with 1 or 2 players? Let us know in the comments below!