January 6, 2021 – Publisher Renegade Game Studios announced their new solo racing board game Wreckland Run From Scott Almes. The new package, that reunites the team from the other solo hero series game Warp’s Edge, is going to launch on Kickstarter on February 8th.

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Wreckland Run is an action-packed solo game chock full of post-apocalyptic vehicular carnage! It is a racing game that utilizes dice that should have plenty of thematic flare.


In addition to this brand-new game, this campaign will also feature a new expansion for Warp’s Edge, the previous entry in the Solo Hero Series of games.

Between Wreckland Run and the new content for Warp’s Edge, this Kickstarter is one no solo gamer is going to want to miss!

Scott Almes is the designer behind the wildly popular Tiny Epic Series which has such offshoots as Galaxies, Quest, Dinosaurs, Zombie, Kingdoms, Western and Mechs to name a few. He is also behind the popular 2018 game Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, as well as, 2017’s Claim.

Source: https://renegadegamestudios.com/blog/wreckland-run-the-latest-entry-in-our-solo-hero-series-on-kickstarter-feb-8th/

wreckland art

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