Splendor vs, the complete list of 1-on-1 game showdowns. When thinking about the board game Splendor, we compared it to each other title you might be thinking of to point out the pros and cons of that specific situation to help inform you what to do. Splendor is an award-winning engine building game that has trying to make it as a gem trader, acquiring bigger and better things to grow your empire. This is Splendor vs.

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Splendor vs Azul

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Verdict For the Shelf: Splendor (60% of the time) and Azul (40% of the time). Both of these games are champions in their field and it is impossible to say which genre of game is better, they are just different. Where Splendor gains more points is that play is just easier and better for replayability. Azul goes for a very smart abstract strategy mechanic that is great and award winning, but it does take it out of you. Splendor is just as great and it is one of the most accessible board games on the planet.

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Splendor vs Dominion

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Verdict For the Shelf: Splendor (50% of the time) vs Dominion (50% of the time). These are two fantastic games that are two different to say one is better than the other. Dominion does have many more expansions and to keep engaged and get the full experience you should but others but you can still play it right out of the box. Splendor uses the same master elements every single time whereas Dominion changes. You probably get more out of the same in Splendor, but have the option to go deeper in Dominion. Just buy both, Splendor vs Dominion over.

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Splendor vs Jaipur

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Verdict For the Shelf: Splendor (60% of the time) and Jaipur (40% of the time). Another example of an embarrassment of riches, both of these games are fantastic so you can do no wrong. That being said, Splendor just happens to edge out Jaipur across the board in most categories. Splendor covers many more people with the bigger player count options and it is much more accessible to jump into while still offering the same challenge and level of fun. As far as gameplay goes, these are very different games. The main thing they have in common is that they are easy to play but very robust in their gameplay.

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Splendor vs 7 Wonders

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Verdict For the Shelf: Splendor (50% of the time) and 7 Wonders (50% of the time). This is another example of 2x AAA games that really provide two completely different game experiences. Neither is better than the other.7 Wonders gets points for being able to accommodate such a wide scope of people, whereas Splendor is easy and very able to come off the shelf in almost any situation.

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Splendor vs Catan

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Verdict For the Shelf: Splendor (40% of the time) and Catan (60% of the time). None of this is easy to say, both of these games are heavy hitters that belong on any game shelf. In Splendor vs Catan, the winner is you. That being said, both are different and give their own great fun but Catan gets the Edge. Catan is just as accessible as Splendor but there is more to it and with all the changing elements each game, it is much easier to play over and over again.

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