A highly anticipated title designed by Travis Jones, published by Stonemaier Games, and illustrated by Robert Leask.

Stonemaier Games has a reputation for deep and thematic strategy games, but above all else, they are known for their quality. They do a handful of games and they do them right. This is abundantly clear as they are behind 2 of the hottest games in the world (Scythe and Wingspan) among their other very top tier titles. So when they drop new materials, you are going to want to pay attention because something special is happening.

Pendulum looks rich and ambitious, just the type of recipe that Stonemair can deliver on. “This competitive time optimization game features turnless worker placement and plays in 90 minutes,” the soothing narration of Eric Summerer promises. Take a look at this teaser trailer and get excited.

Pendulum – Teaser Trailer [TRT 01:00]

If you want to be on top of things, you can check out the publisher’s page and sign up to receive updates. Pre-buys start in August. People are going to be talking about this so make sure you are in the know. They are saying it got some of their highest scores ever, so this thing must be phenomenal.


In Pendulum, each player is a powerful, unique noble vying to succeed the Timeless King as the true ruler of Dünya. Players command their workers, execute stratagems, and expand the provinces in their domain in real time to gain resources and move up the 4 victory tracks: power, prestige, popularity, and legendary achievement.

Players must use actual time as a resource in managing their strategy to best their opponents, using time on different action types and balancing it with time spent planning and analyzing. The winner will be the player who manages and invests their time most effectively and who builds the best engine, not the player who acts the quickest.

Pendulum is the highest-rated protoype in the history of the Stonemaier Games Design Day. If you enjoy Tzolk’in (time and resource optimization) and 7 Wonders (simultaneous play), we think you’ll enjoy Pendulum. Please join the community in the Pendulum Facebook group to discuss the game!

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