May 19, 2022 – New Stranger Things Monopoly spoils facts from upcoming season four. Apparently, a brand new version of the historic capitalism game Monopoly contains secret things that people are not supposed to know about. Hollywood trade publication The Hollywood Reporter reported the news and stated that the creators, the Duffer Brothers, are not pleased.

These types of things happens all the time (look at years of Star Wars mishaps) because there are a lot of people involved that may or may not be talking and tons of things that need to happen way in advance. There is so much that goes into producing and launching something (both a tv show and a board game) and with enough volume things are going to fall through the cracks.

Regardless, it is not pretty, especially being one of Netflix’s biggest shows and all the press the have been getting as of late. The Hollywood Reporter continues:

Netflix wasn’t happy about the mishap. But they weren’t nearly as displeased as the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, who sources say weren’t consulted about the game. Matt and Ross Duffer have long valued maintaining story secrecy and were said to have had a “total meltdown” about the mishap.

A Reddit thread devoted to the leak claimed the game was bought at “a nationally recognized retailer and purchased fair and square by a consumer. Nobody stole it; nobody leaked a sample.” Those purchase details are unconfirmed, however. Retailers are currently advertising Stranger Things Monopoly games pegged to past seasons, though a couple purported copies of the season four version are being advertised on eBay.

One source close to the streamer’s tentpole series said that while its producers have a lot of involvement in, and approvals over, the vast majority of the show’s promotions and consumer products, the sheer scale and breadth of the Stranger Things franchising world is so incomparable to any other show at Netflix that the Monopoly game must have accidentally passed Go. 

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All the various Monopoly versions, everything from entertainment properties like this to US Stamps, are produced by publisher TheOP, formally know as USAopoly. The have done hundreds if not thousands of these things so it seems realistic to assume they have the process down. Regardless of how much of pros all sides are, things happen.

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