May 24, 2021 – Phil Walker-Harding, the creator of Sushi Go Party, has created a brand new party game that mixes hidden roles and deduction with trivia in a way that has never been done before. Your role determines your objectives and then when trivia cards pop up everyone has a discussion about what the “right” answer is. Most want it to be right, but some want it to be wrong. The hook is figuring out who is who, are what is the real correct answer.

The game is called Snakesss because as the tagline says – don’t let them charm you into choosing the wrong answer. It will be interesting to see if it is easy or difficult to see through people’s intentions, but hats off for the originality. If you are a mongoose, you better look out for those snakes.

Snakesss will be available starting in June and can be found at Target for $25. Publisher Big Potato Games put out the below info for the 4 – 8 player, ages 12+, 30-minute title:

About Snakess

In each round, players can be one of three characters: Snakes, Humans or the Mongoose of Truth (the only player Humans know is not a Snake). Once a multiple-choice question is read aloud, the Snakes will see the correct answer first… leaving the Humans and Mongoose of Truth in the dark.

The entire group has 2 minutes to discuss what the answer might be while the Snakes fool other players into picking the wrong answer. When time is up, each player chooses an answer.

The Humans or Mongoose who answered correctly get a point for every player who got it right (including yourself). If they picked the wrong answer, they get nothing! Snakes win a point for every player who got the answer wrong. The player with the most points after six rounds wins!

Check out the Snakesss Product Page at Big Potato Games

If you have not heard of Sushi Go Party then you need to stop what you are doing, and look into it. Maybe even play a game, it is available on Board Game Arena. It is one of the best filler games in existence, just so easy and accessible yet fun to play. It is a drafting and set collection game that is all about playing with the most adorable sushi you will ever see. It is a top game that is one of many that designer Phil Walker-Harding is behind.

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In addition to the Sushi Go franchise, Phil has also created hits like Bärenpark (2017), Gizmos (2018), Imhotep (2016), Cacao (2015) and Silver & Gold (2019). As you can see, the man knows how to make a game.

Snakesss is the Sushi Go Creator Taking on Social Bluffing + Trivia! Are you excited?