Sushi Go Party! is the follow up to Sushi Go! The difference is Party can accommodate more people (which is fantastic). It is a very simple to play drafting game. You are the gatekeeper to what your neighbors are going to get. From there you want to complete sets of sushi and screw up your neighbor’s sets. It goes in quick rounds and determines a winner by who collected the most points by the end of the game. This is our Sushi Go Party review.

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Fun (8 out of 10)

The game is quick and simple, a good start for fun. Further to that, it has a great balance and mix of actions that give you lots of options but still lock you into the decisions you are making. This game also can go more than five people and gets more fun (and crazy) as the count goes up.

Replayability (7 out of 10)

Every game provides a new combination of cards that will be your cards from the game. This makes every game a new one you have never played. On top of that, games are quick so you are always on the edge of your seat. The lack of lulls makes for a game you want to play non stop. The more people the more of a “party” which is always fun.

Player Interaction (9 out of 10)

Player interaction is high since this is a drafting game. You have to pass cards to and take cards from your neighbor. Thinking about what to hold back from them as well as what is going to come back to you is the core strategy for the game. As far as this Sushi Go Party review is concerned, solid for what it is.

Quality (6 out of 10)

The centerboard is not the greatest of quality, but it will get it done. The cards are great, they will hold up to many games of shuffling. This game was clearly well thought out. All the cards are balanced and no matter the game, it never feels like one strategy dominates everything else.

Art & Style (10 out of 10)

The highest marks on this Sushi Go Party review are for the art and style. Even a grown man will tell you that the artwork across the board on Sushi Party is the most adorable thing there is. The cartoonish sushi pieces all have these little faces with smiles ear to ear. The theme is consistent throughout and well done. The quality art is paired with an explosion of color that can only make you feel good.


Sushi Go Party Review | Board Game Halv

This is a very lightweight filler game that is easy to travel with and can accommodate a larger group of players in a game. Some of the really dense games out there make your head hurt after playing for hours. Sushi Go Party! is the complete opposite, it makes you feel free and relaxed. This is a great palette cleanser in between other games, or just an easy pickup game when you have fifteen minutes. We hope you have enjoyed our Sushi Go Party review.

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