January 19, 2022 – The 4th Undaunted Series Board Game will be Stalingrad. In Fall 2022, Osprey Games will publish Undaunted: Stalingrad from the award-winning David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin. With a thrilling campaign of branching narratives, the latest game in the Undaunted series will contain more content than ever before.

This standalone, big box experience will challenge players with an immersive new narrative experience. Known for being a top notch 2 player, card drafting, deck building, dice rolling, modular board, simulation game, this new title in the series plans to continue that tradition with great war game content and gameplay.

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Stalingrad, 1942. Before you awaits a grueling conflict in this keystone battleground. As the bullets and bombs tear the city asunder, only through wits and valor can you seize the cornerstone of the entire Eastern Front and change the course of history.

A heavy burden rests on your shoulders. Every casualty suffered in battle will weaken your forces for the entire campaign. Every bomb blast and mortar shell leaves the very ground for which you are fighting in further ruin. Every inch lost to the enemy brings you closer to the jaws of defeat. Over the course of up to fifteen branching scenarios, you will decide the fate of Stalingrad and, perhaps, the war itself. Even though the consequences of your actions will persist, the game itself can be fully reset and replayed, allowing you to explore every potential outcome.

Undaunted Stalingrad Cover Art

Undaunted: Stalingrad is a monumental standalone game that expands the series’ scope and challenge beyond anything that’s come before. Through its branching campaign, you’ll discover more of the hundreds of cards and tiles every time you play. Featuring more than 430 unique illustrations by Roland MacDonald and 150 evocative mission briefings written by acclaimed author Robbie MacNiven, immerse yourself in this campaign at the heart of the war.

This new edition with be the 4th in the series following Undaunted: Normandy (2019), Undaunted: North Africa (2020) and Undaunted: Reinforcements (2021).

Game designers David Thompson & Trevor Benjamin said, “We’re very excited about the release of Undaunted: Stalingrad. We’re digging deep into the storied Battle of Stalingrad, a key battle not only for the Eastern Front but the entire Second World War, and we’re doing it with a massive box full of content unlike anything Undaunted fans have seen before. We’re introducing new units, actions, and ways to interact with the environment. What we’re most excited about though, is that we’ve created an integrated campaign, where the results of each scenario impact the rest of the campaign’s rich narrative and will set the stage for scenarios to come.”

Senior Games Developer Filip Hartelius added, “Undaunted: Stalingrad takes the series to its breathtaking next level. With every scenario played, your actions impact the course of the campaign, the platoon of soldiers you lead, and the very city itself. Brought to life by Roland MacDonald’s beautiful illustrations and Robbie MacNiven’s evocative writing, Undaunted: Stalingrad immerses you in this infamous battleground like never before. This is something else.”

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