Our The Coldest Night review, what we have to say about the cooperative survival game about making it through the night. This game puts you and your fellow players around a dwindling fire during the dead of winter. You must use what items you have sparingly and burn them in the fire when time is right in order to make it through the darkness to a reluctant morning. This is a more lightweight, portable and throwaway than some of the more expensive titles and it represents that weight class well.

We took a look across fun, replayability, player interaction, quality and art & style to come up with the overall score for our The Coldest Night review. See the breakdown by category below.

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Fun (6 out of 10)

For this The Coldest Night review we will say that the game is fun, especially if you are a big fan of cooperative races against the clock. Where the game falls short is that your choices are just a bit too narrow. Yes you can choose to scavenge instead of feeding the fire, but what happens then is almost guaranteed (frostbite) taking all the mystique out of it. The game is supposed to be a simple boiled down puzzle and that is what it is, so well done.

Replayability (4 out of 10)

Out of all the categories for this The Coldest Night review, replayability gets the lowest marks. Your choices are already limited, on top of that, there is nothing about the game that changes. Sure the cards are going to come out in a different way each time, but by game #4 you are going to have experienced everything already. That being said, this is a compact game with a compact price tag that reflects something to play just a few times. There is room in the board game market for things like this.

Player Interaction (7 out of 10)

The cooperation mix in this game is right on point where it is supposed to be. The way you go back and forth and try to survive is right on point. It has elements of subtly and moments of in your face must-make hard decisions. It is a cooperative game, so we do need to be tougher on the player interaction category and there is nothing revolutionary here that breaks the mold.

Quality (6 out of 10)

The game is well designed and all the components and elements accurately fit the price point the game sits at and frankly where something like it should sit at. As you will see in the art and style category, this is ok but lacking so there are areas that could have been better flushed out, but start to finish the designer and publisher knew what they were doing and executed everything extremely well.

Art & Style (6 out of 10)

This has this cool comic book prison escape 64-bit vibe that very much captures the theme of the game throughout. Where a bit of a problem lies is that they basically reused everything. It is certainly efficient but instead of taking the same windowsill or pile of clothes and calling it something different, it would have been nice to see some other things. That being said, there are some really fun surprises and touches in the Art and style so solid work overall.


The Coldest Night Review | Board Game Halv

When all is said and done, this The Coldest Night review gives the game a thumbs up. Do not expect to play this a ton, but if you like co-op at all, this is worth a look. This would actually be a perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays 2020, its compact, inexpensive and fun.

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