November 8, 2021 – Space Cowboys announced a new entry in their Unlock Series, a Ticket To Ride, Pandemic and Mysterium Escape Room Board Game. This is synergy at its finest, bringing some of parent company Asmodee’s best brands and game franchises. Others in the past have had names like Adventure, Escape and Mystery. This version will be aptly titled “Game Adventure,” so meta.

Ticket to Ride is from Days of Wonder, Pandemic comes from Z-Man Games, Mysterium comes from Libellud and The Unlock escape room series comes from Space Cowboys. Asmodee has been acquiring these publishers over the last few years and this is one of the biggest moves in bringing them all together.

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There have been 9 different Unlock escape room packages (not counting the 1 specialty Star Wars ones) that each have unique themes. Each package is comprised of three different themes. That is the same thing that is happening here but they are all these different stories inspired by these different iconic franchises.

  • Ticket To Ride – You are taking an iconic cross-country train ride.
  • Pandemic – A team of medical experts must fight off an epidemic to save humanity.
  • Mysterium – You must investigate a spooky haunted mansion.

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Space Cowboys is a French publisher so the title is expected to start there, spread through Europe and then make its way to America. The tweet from Space Cowboys announcement noted a December 3, 2021, initial release date.

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