Ticket To Ride originally released in 2004 and has been delighting audiences of all ages for these last 15+ years. For 2 – 5 players and lasting about 40 minutes, this game (and all the alternate maps) is a special one and it is great for all ages. Even though it is great for kids, don’t let that make you think adults will not enjoy it, because they certainly do.

In Ticket to Ride, you are a railroad tycoon with aspirations of building train lines across the entire country (or whatever the particular map area is). The way it works is that the board is filled with tons of single route connectors. You are given secret route cards, like “get from Chicago to New York”, and your job is to collect colored train cards to build those routes. If you successfully make it, you get those secret points. However, the rules are very simple, each turn you either collect tiles or place (like Splendor either collect gems or buy something). It is very easy to learn how to play but all the angles make it a very robust strategy game. This is our Ticket To Ride review.

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Fun (10 out of 10)

We have said this many times but whenever you have a very simple mechanic that leads to an infinite amount of roads to victory, it creates fun. This is just human nature. We can adapt everything to us and to the people around us and that level of control and options really gets our brain excited. The game is fast-paced and has enough to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. As far as this Ticket to Ride review is concerned, a good job.

Replayability (9 out of 10)

Every game is different and playstyles tend to reflect the people playing, so yes this is something you can play over and over again and not get fatigued. Your goals and your path to victory is completely different every time so it is almost like a brand new game every time. There are certainly others out there that may provide more, but high marks on this Ticket To Ride review.

Player Interaction (8 out of 10)

There is enough player interaction to keep things interesting but we would not label this a heavy player interaction game at all. You are competing over a communal pile of train cards. It is absolutely necessary to anticipate what your opponents need and play around it if you want to play this at an expert level. Besides that, there are times where you will have to compete over routes, but there are always alternatives so this is not the biggest headache. And finally, high score wins, so plenty of competition on who will come out on top. This is not the glowing part of the Ticket To Ride review but for what the game is, this is all just fine.

Quality (10 out of 10)

The fact that there are so many Ticket To Ride game boards that work says everything about how high-quality game this is. The base mechanic of Ticket to Ride is so clean and great that they have been able to drop it into different configurations and make new and exciting adventures that all work. This is one of the world’s most popular game franchises for a reason. Very high-quality marks for this Ticket To Ride review.

Art & Style (6 out of 10)

There is really nothing special at all in the art & style as far as this Ticket To Ride review is concerned, but its enough to be middle of the road. The train tycoon theme is consistent throughout and they do deserve props for giving a unique and accurate spin on each new map they do. And of course, it has cartoonish enough elements for the kids to really love, which is great. Any time you can get a kid to play a game that adults enjoy is a win.


Ticket To Ride Review | Board Game Halv

Ticket to Ride is one of the most popular games in the world, period. They have painstakingly earned that distinction over several years and sever iterations of the game so it is all well deserved. The game is great and people will argue that the simplest games are the most fun. We do not necessarily agree with that but we can agree that Ticket To Ride is something special. A great game for absolutely anyone. We hope our Ticket To Ride review has been helpful and you go check it out if you have not already done so.

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