For those that want to spice up the gameplay of beautiful journey Board Game with alcohol, this is rules for the Tokaido drinking game. If you need to see how to play, our review, similar board games, interesting facts, FAQ and any an all relevant editorial and resources, check out the “Tokaido Page” link below this paragraph. This is all in good fun, this is by no means an endorsement of alcohol or binge drinking. We remind everyone to play responsibly and adapt the game to properly suit your drinking habits. We take no liability for any non-responsible gameplay. Be careful! This is the Tokaido drinking game adaption.

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Tokaido Drinking Game Rules

  1. Play the board game as normal, but with the additional drinking conditions below.
  2. When a drink is triggered, it must be given out by the giver before the next Tokaido player moves their meeple token. If it is not called out, that drink is forfeited.
  3. If a drink is forfeited, other players then have one player move to call out the forfeited move. If this is done successfully, the player who had the option to give out the drinks but lost them now has to take those drinks.
  4. Whoever is the lead character on the track is immune to drinking at all except for participation in waterfalls.
  5. Whoever gets the lowest total score in the game becomes the “Dunce” which they will remain until a new one is claimed. The “Dunce” must do meaningful tasks, like grabbing drinks and drink when asked.

Tokaido Drinking Game Conditions

  1. The last person to inn takes a shot
  2. Every time you move, take one drink
  3. To use a character’s special ability, you must first take two drinks
  4. Donate 3 or more gold to the temple: give out a shot
  5. Get 2 or more pt panoramic: that players starts a waterfall
  6. Buy four souvenirs at once: you take a shot and give one out
  7. The first person to cross 10 and 20 pts initiates a waterfall
  8. Score a point: give out two drinks
  9. Gain a gold: give out two drinks for each
  10. Move two times in a row: give out 6 drinks

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