The glorious journey jam-packed with so much amazing art along the way is the game Tokaido. You are a traveler in Japan moving along a track. Filled with panoramics, temples, shopkeepers and the all too important inn. A game not about crazy strategy and options, but a nice expedition with friends. This harps back to the classic movement games like Life, Monopoly and Candyland but with so much more. This is our Tokaido review.

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Fun (4 out of 10)

As previously mentioned, this one is not about a ton of options and crazy elaborate strategies. That being said, it is incredibly fun and satisfying in its simplicity. You move along a track without dice, with just enough options to make each game interesting and strategic.

Replayability (3 out of 10)

The replayability gets the lowest marks on this Tokaido review. Your path is always different and so are the things you find along the way but besides that. There is not much to it. The art and style kick this category up because it is such an enjoyable ride. It’s like you decided to ride the lame kiddie train at the fair, but along the sides was crazy exotic plants and animals. You could do that over and over a few times.

Player Interaction (6 out of 10)

The player interaction is Almost all the strategy present in this game comes from playing off the other players. Where you go and what you prioritize matters. It’s important not to compete over the same types of places or the different unique bonuses.

Quality (8 out of 10)

This is an incredibly well-made game. Every piece is high end and some of the most beautiful in al of boardgamedom. Each detail is nearly flawless. The only thing that looses a little is that the gameplay is nothing groundbreaking. Still very worthwhile as far as this Tokaido review is concerned.

Art & Style (10 out of 10)

This is the absolute best thing the game has going for it. As previously mentioned, the art is beautiful and all details are meticulously attended to. You could almost say this was less of a board game and more of an interactive piece of art. 10 out of 10 does mean you cannot do better and we stand by that. As far as this Tokaido review is concerned, there is no better.


Tokaido Review | Board Game Halv

This one wins in the category of art and style but may not have enough gameplay compared to some of the other games out there. What this most certainly is, is a breath of fresh air compared to other board games. We hope this Tokaido review has been helpful. It is more about the journey than the destination.

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