December 9, 2021 – Aconyte, the book publisher owned by Asmodee, has dropped a few top board game properties summer 2022 book updates. These include Terraforming Mars, Zombicide, Descent and Legends of the Five Rings, Arkham Horror and Twilight Imperium.

The UK based company published an update on their upcoming book schedule and there are several based on board games that might be of interest to those who appreciate those highly regarded properties.

The pub dates quoted below are the US paperback and global ebook on-sale publication days. The UK on-sale date is about 6-weeks behind as the books travel on their first adventure across the sea.

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Board Game Book Legends of the Five Rings Great Clans of Rokugan

Legend of the Five Rings: The Great Clans of Rokugan – the Collected Novellas vol. 2
Deathseeker by Robert Denton III.

RELEASE: May 2022

The Eternal Knot by Marie Brennan. Trail of Shadows by D G Laderoute. Plus, the Legend of Five Rings Halloween tales, a collection of spooky Rokugan stories, never before collected in print.

Cover art by Mauro Dal Bo

Board Game Book Legends of the Five Rings The Flower Path

Legend of the Five Rings, A Daidoji Shin Mystery: The Flower Path, by Josh Reynolds

RELEASE: June 2022

Extraordinary detective Daidoji Shin returns, in a wonderful locked-room murder mystery like no other, in this lively novel from the epic fantasy world of Legend of the Five Rings.

This is the third in the popular series following the award-winning Poison River, which was awarded People’s Choice at the 2021 UK Games Expo, and Death’s Kiss.

Cover art by Grant Griffin


Board Game Book Twilight Imperium The Veiled Masters

Twilight Imperium: The Veiled Masters, by Tim Pratt

RELEASE: May 2022

The galaxy stands on the brink of war, yet hope remains that the vast web of schemes can be exposed before it’s too late, in the final book in our astounding space opera Twilight Imperium trilogy.

Cover art by Scott Schomburg


Board Game Book Zombicide Black Plague Age of the Undead

Zombicide Black Plague: Age of the Undead, by C. L. Werner

RELEASE: June 2022

In a fantasy realm shattered by the zombie apocalypse, a bold Knight must enlist unlikely allies while discovering the source of undead corruption, in this darkly humorous adventure from the bestselling game range, Zombicide: Black Plague.

Cover art by Daniele Orizio


Board Game Book Terraforming Mars Edge of Catastrophe

Terraforming Mars: Edge of Catastrophe, by Jane Killick

RELEASE: July 2022

We return to the Red Planet as the saga of Terraforming Mars continues in the 26th Century. In this sweeping science-fiction thriller Mars is thriving: the huge crater made by the crashed moon of Deimos is now a vast domed city, buzzing with industry and a burgeoning Martian-born and immigrant workforce.

Cover art by René Aigner


Board Game Book Descent Raiders of the Bloodwood

Descent Legends of the Dark: The Raiders of Bloodwood, by Davide Mana

RELEASE: July 2022

The invasion of Terrinoth has begun. A handful of heroes stand between a monstrous horde and the destruction of the mystical heart of Terrinoth, in this nonstop sword and sorcery fantasy novel from the world of Descent: Legends of the Dark.

Cover art by Asur Misoa


Board Game Book Arkham Horror In The Coils of the Labyrinth

Arkham Horror: In The Coils Of The Labyrinth, by David Annandale

RELEASE: August 2022

An unnatural terror penetrating our reality preys on the dreams of its victims. Something sinister lurks at the heart of a labyrinthine nightmare, and it longs to be set free.

David Annandale, a master of unsettling terror, takes on the world of Arkham Horror in this darkly captivating novel.

Cover art by John Coulthart

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