March 30, 2021 – Board game conventions are still in flux and another major event has provided an update. UK Games Expo 2021 holds off on ticket sales. The organization is still hoping to hold their physical event, tentatively scheduled for July 30 – August 1, 2021, but provided new info that things are too uncertain right now and they are holding off on opening ticket sales until they have more information.

New plan is to hopefully sell tickets in May or June.

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Here is the full announcment:

We are aiming to run a physical show in 2021 in accordance with rules and regulations put in place by the UK Government and Public Health England. Until the Events Research Programme reports back we do not know what these restrictions will be and so we cannot be certain as to the number of tickets we can make available this year and what the show will look like.

We have taken the decision to hold off selling tickets until we can get this information and so be in a position to explain our plans in detail. We are expecting this to be in May or June.

If you rolled your ticket over from 2020, this order will be showing in your customer portal. Make sure you login to the UKGE website to check.

The 2021 Board Game Convention schedule has been in flux due to the worldwide pandemic everyone is currently facing but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things will be opening back up soon but we are still not sure how soon. People seem to be in agreement that the fall should be good but the summer is still unknown.

By holding off on selling tickets the organization doesn’t have to go through the hasstle of a roll over or refund process. There is not really any new information here but good for them for keeping their community appraised. Exhibitors and other attendees plan a lot around these shows so they need plenty of time to prepare. Hopefully they can get it but everyone understands the tough situation we all face.

What are your thoughts on the news the UK Games Expo 2021 holds off on ticket sales? What is the soonest you would attend an in person convention? Let us know in the comments below!