October 16. 2020 – Publisher Rio Grande games announced that Underwater Cities designer’s new game Praga Caput Regni coming November 2020. Vladimír Suchý, who in addition to Underwater Cities also designed Pulsar 2849 and Last Will, is the one bringing the game to life and should be making use of his strategic chops with this cool concept.

Build the medieval city of Prague by choosing from six ever-changing actions. For 1 – 4 players, games run 30 – 120 minutes, for ages 12+.


See the description from the Rio Grande Newsletter:

In Praga Caput Regni, players take the role of wealthy citizens who are organizing various building projects in medieval Prague. By expanding their wealth and joining in the construction, they gain favor with the king. Players choose from six actions on the game board — the “action crane” — that are always available, but which are weighted with a constantly shifting array of costs and benefits. By using these actions, you can increase your resources, improve the strength of your chosen actions, and build “New Prague City”, the Charles Bridge, or city walls. You can possibly gain additional actions or even participate in the construction of St. Vitus Cathedral.

What is Underwater Cities you ask? Its pretty great…

The players represent the most powerful brains in the world, brains nominated due to the overpopulation of Earth to establish the best and most livable underwater areas possible.

As overcrowded metropolises spread across the earth, humanity has realized it is time to establish a new home on the ocean floor. Kelp farms can provide food. Desalination plants can provide water. And laboratories can provide the technology needed to build a network of underwater cities.

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