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PLAYERS:1 – 100 Players
DURATION: 25 Minutes
DESIGNER: Benoit Turpin
ARTIST:Anne Heidsieck
PUBLISHER:Deep Water Games
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Do you play games with family? Friends? Veteran Gamers? Well no matter the size of the group or the experience of the players, Welcome To… will be the perfect fit for your game night.

As an architect in Welcome To Your Perfect Home, your goal is to build the best new town by adding pools, hiring employees, improving the parks, and more!

– From Publisher

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8.0 out of 10

This type of game surprises people all the time. They do not think of the classic dice roller but when they do it blows their mind to think about how similar yet completely different the games are. Little moves can make a big difference and this goes a long way to make games competitive and keep things interesting. It’s quick, it’s portable and it’s accommodating to any size/type of group. That is why it is on the list of games to start your collection with. But more than that, it is just an overall fun game that continues to be an amazing journey over and over again. People who like this one also tend to like Railroad Ink.

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You are the mayor of a small little town in American suburbia circa the 1950s and you need to put together a better city than all the other players. Your sheet is three rows of empty houses and various amenities like pools, parks and spots for fences. Each turn three combinations of street numbers and actions are flipped. You pick one set and add those to your neighborhood. House numbers need to go in order and space fills up.

How to Play Welcome To Step-By-Step

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We thought about everything from gameplay to theme, intensity level to overall motivations, the quality and more to determine what are the five most similar board games to Welcome To. The quick recap of the list is below with the link to the descriptions and full article below it.

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Who plays first in Welcome To?

All turns happen simultaneously, so there is no need to determine a start player. Because there isn’t one.

Do I have to use an action in Welcome To?

No. While using a house number is always mandatory, the accompanying action (fence, bis, pool, park, real estate, temp worker) is always optional.

I got an objective on the same turn as someone else, but they claimed it first, can I still get points in Welcome To?

You do, you both get the points. As long as you both got the objectives on that same turn, multiple people can get it. After the turn, it is flipped over and anyone else who claims it will get the secondary points.

What should I do if a stack runs out of cards in Welcome To?

Take all the discarded cards and shuffle them up. You always want to not only leave the card that has been flipped but the top card not yet to be flipped since that is your number and action. Put the new stacks under the old. You always want to wait until the last possible moment to ensure the correct distribution of cards is being used.

If my parks are filled and I get another park action in Welcome To, what happens?

Unfortunately, you do not get the benefit of that park. Because you placed your house number in a row that is filled with parks, no more can be added, and your action is wasted.

Can I put a house number in a house with a pool if I am not using a pool action in Welcome To?

Yes, you just do not get the benefit of the pool. Add the number to the house like usual but DO NOT circle the pool or mark off a notch on your pool scoring.

Do I need to add a fence to the outside edge to complete a neighborhood in Welcome To?

No, those edges count as free fences. You would only need one fence on the other side (add have all the houses filled) to complete the neighborhood. If it is not a dotted white line, you do not need a fence there.

Why would I ever use a Bis card in Welcome To?

There are two main reasons – (1) helps you put more houses down to fill out a neighborhood to get more points or (2) get yourself out of a bind when you have done bad math and not left yourself a viable option to fill in a gap. For example maybe did “2” – space – “3”.

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