The latest entry in our interview series Why You Should Back: Harakiri Blades of Honor on Kickstarter. We spoke with creators Synergic Games and got information about their upcoming launch. Based on the art and description this seems like a great foray into that fantasy dungeon crawler space that uses a cool theme that is very underutilized in the space. The Kickstarter launch date is November 30, 2021.Check out the link below to go directly to the Harakiri Blades of Honor Game Kickstarter page or continue on to read the interview with the creators.

Harakiri Blades of Honor Board Game on Kickstarter

1. How would you describe your product in a few sentences?

Harakiri: Blades of Honor is a cooperative campaign based game for up to 4 players which will take you and your gaming group into a world that mixes Japanese folklore and fantasy unveiling a story that will react to your actions and mechanics to immerse you through your actions and the ones from the game itself.

Including an Adventure Phase to explore the lands and story of this fantastic land and its characters and an Exploration Phase where you will confront dynamic AI while narration guides you through.

2. Introduce the team bringing this to market (who are the people doing this and why)? What is your background that brought you to launching this (work/hobbies/etc)?

Synergic Games, the shared work of Fernando Gamero and Joel Torres, who joined with some of the most talented artists in the industry begins its way as a publisher with one main purpose: Create games that will create those moments to be remembered with your gaming group not only while you play them, but long after that. As long experienced players we think that we can create something good enough so many players to come will enjoy.

After many years dedicated to graphic design, Fernando decided to create something that could allow players to have fun and create those moments to be remembered. Joel, with several decades of experience in the roleplaying world, and having collaborated with several board gaming projects in the past, added his vision to create the mechanics which could make that dream a reality.

Synergic Games Team Harakirir Blades of Honor

3. What existing games would you compare your game to?

Having two different phases and points of view of the “Adventure genre” it has similarities with games like Folklore and Oathsworn but added several twists and new mechanics to go even further on the immersion for all gaming groups. As a dungeon crawler phase games like Middara have been an inspiration while adding new and streamlined mechanics to keep players always connected with the group and the story in front of them.

4. What sets your game apart?

The narrative takes one step forward, being present during all the gameplay. Not only to focus on the main story but also to give constant lore and show how the world reacts to the character’s decisions, failures and successes. The quick turns also add to keep the players engaged, and players will be able to take small decisions on how they play, how they attack and how they confront the challenges in front of them.

Also, we applied the highest standards on the artists involved on the project, to make sure that the game not only plays smoothly but also looks and feels great too.

5. How can everyone be assured that they are going to get quality components and you are going to deliver on all the promises you are making?

We have worked with artists like Henning Ludvinsen (Bloodborne, Imperial Assault, MoM), David Demaret (Mythic Battles Ragnarok), Antonio Manzanedo, David Benzal (Netflix, Warner Bros), Björn Barends (Marvel), Ludus Magnus Studio (Black Rose Wars) and many others. We will keep on working with the best and best only when it comes to production and delivery.

We also earned the trust of several Publishers who allowed us to bring some of their most beloved characters into our game (but you’ll have to wait for it for yourselves during the campaign). We won’t allow all this hard work to go to waste because of not being totally focused on fulfilling this project with the highest standards.

6. Why should someone back your project?

Because with Harakiri: Blades of Honor you’ll have a game which you’ll not only enjoy while you play it but one that you’ll keep on remembering long after that.

Harakiri Blades of Honor on Kickstarter Miniatures

Well we are satisfied!

Great insight and enthusiasm from a passionate design team. If you care about artwork at all, you should give this a look. The talent and roster of characters they plan to roll out has so much behind it. It has clearly been guided by passionate hands and looks like it is going to be a top-notch product. Take a look at their Kickstarter or website for more info!

Harakiri Blades of Honor Board Game on Kickstarter
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