Our latest interview in a new series, Why You Should Kickstart Deck of Wonders. Questions from the creators answered. Deck of Wonders is a solo (and co-op) legacy expandable card game, launching on Kickstarter on August 25, 2020. The game is brought to you by a Fortune 500 brand expert, podcast host and game enthusiast who is clearly prepared for this. Check out the link below to go directly to the Deck of Wonders Board Game Kickstarter page or continue on for more.

Deck of Wonders on Kickstarter

1. How would you describe your product in 2 sentences?

Deck of Wonders is a solo (and co-op) legacy expandable card game where Fate herself has stacked the deck against you. It captures the feel of playing games like Hearthstone and MTG, but in a solitaire format that evolves as you play.

2. Who are the people bringing this to market?

I’m Dennis Furia! My background is in brand strategy for Fortune 500 companies, and I have a lifelong passion for gaming (both board and video) that includes co-hosting gaming podcast The Level.

I’m also a parent, and the idea for Deck of Wonders came about after playing Gloomhaven with friends. We were lamenting that the kind of complex, thinky games we enjoyed seemed to always require 4 friends, 8 hours, and 2 tables’ worth of space. That’s difficult to coordinate even before you have kids, and as a parent it’s nearly impossible!

Was there a way to sneak that kind of experience in over naptime? Combine that question with my love for CCGs and the flexibility and rising popularity of solo gaming, and the idea for Deck of Wonders was born!

I’m also extremely fortunate to be working with Lauren Brown on the art for Deck of Wonders. Lauren is an extremely talented veteren of games like Rockalypse and Princess World who brings themes of whimsey and art neuveau into the world of fantasy.

Deck of Wonders Card Example

3. What existing games would you compare your game to? 

Deck of Wonders feels the most like Hearthstone or MTG. You’ll be constructing a deck of spells and minions to battle your opponent for control of the board, and ultimately to defeat them before they can reduce your health to 0.

The big catch in this case is that your opponent is an AI Villain (driven by the game’s unique Priority System) rather than another human. Deck of Wonders also takes inspiration from living card games in the creative use of card-based mechanics and the fact that it’s built around defined sets of cards rather than random booster packs.

Finally, Deck of Wonders takes inspiration from legacy games like Pandemic Legacy. As you play you’ll unlock secret legacy packs that will alter the game in surprising and unique ways! New rules will be introduced, new deckbuilding challenges and opportunities will be presented, and in general the legacy aspects of the game will keep you on your toes.

4. What sets your game apart? 

Both you and the Villain in Deck of Wonders draw from the same deck of cards, and every card has a unique two-half format that behaves one way if drawn by you and another way if drawn by the Villain. This ads an extra layer of depth to deck construction, as you must think through combos and counters for both sides of each card simultaneously!

In play, Deck of Wonders’ unique Priority System mimics the decision-making of a skilled opponent with a simple set of rules, while giving the player opportunities to influence those decisions during the Villain’s turn. Finally, Deck of Wonders is unique because it is portable and quick without losing an ounce of depth.

The game is designed to run on cards alone, and once you construct your Deck of Wonders you can easily play the game in 15 minutes on a surface as small as an airplane tray.

5. How can everyone be assured that they are going to get quality components and you are going to deliver on all the promises you are making? 

I have a decade of business experience at Fortune 500 companies, and I geek out about the planning and logistics side of this endevor as much as I do about the game design side!

If that’s not enough, my wife (who has even more Fortune 500 business experience than I do) has vetted and approved my business plans with a skeptic’s eye. ;P

On the design side, I’ve playtested Deck of Wonders over 320 times as of this writing, and am fortunate to be plugged into multiple game design communities on a local and national scale. These communities have not only provided input on design, but have given me insight into the in-and-outs of running and delivering on a successful Kickstarter.

While Lauren and I are the creative forces behind this game, we are backed by a huge community of experts on both the business and design side!

6. Why should someone back your project? 

Some games use Kickstarter as more of a pre-order platform, but Deck of Wonders is true indie product that will only happen with the support of the community. This game puts a deep, thinky experience in your pocket, and offers you a moment of wonder wherever and whenever your chaotic life allows it.

Deck of Wonders Cards

Well we are satisfied!

Great insight and enthusiasm from a passionate gaming and branding pro. The game seems very unique and not exactly like anything out there. It has clearly been guided by professional hands and looks like it is going to be a top-notch product. It is always great to see an indie game product at this quality level. Take a look at their Kickstarter, website or Facebook pages for more info!

Deck of Wonders – Kickstarter Page
Decks of Wonders – Website
Decks of Wonders – Facebook

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