The latest entry in our series Why You Should Kickstart Rescuing Robin Hood Kickstarter. This is a robust card game that is easy enough to play with the whole family but rich enough for a satisfying experience. The game launches on Kickstarter on November 10, 2020, and we spoke with the creative team behind it to get answers on why you should back it. Check out the link below to go directly to the Rescuing Robin Hood Board Game Kickstarter page or continue on to read the interview with the creator.

Rescuing Robin Hood Kickstarter Page

1. How would you describe your product in a few sentences?

Rescuing Robin Hood is a collaborative deck refinement game. Robin Hood has been captured and you have only 5 days to rescue him! Build up your Merry Band by rescuing villagers from the Sheriff’s men. After you have built up your forces, select your dream team, storm the castle, and fight one final battle to rescue Robin Hood! Rescuing Robin Hood takes 20 min per player and can be played with 1-5 players ages 10 and up. It provides exciting mechanics in a beautiful world rich with theme.

2. Who is the team bringing this game to market? What is your background that brought you to launching this?

Bryce Brown, Designer: He is the Founder and CEO of Castillo Games. All the way from his hometown roots of Goure, Niger, Bryce established Castillo Games in Madison, WI because he absolutely loves board games and wanted to be a part of bringing great games to people he cares about and new friends he has yet to meet. “I love seeing the joy on people’s faces as they play my game and hope to bring that joy to thousands around the world!” He also enjoys canoeing and hiking in the greater Madison area.

Rescuing Robin Hood Creator Castillo Games

Paul Vermeesch, Artist: Paul grew up in the lovely Chicago suburb of Wheaton, IL and has a complete ZEST for life. As the artist and graphic designer of Bryce Brown’s “Rescuing Robin Hood” game, he feels as though he’s been preparing for this since he was little. “The lore of Robin Hood has been deep in my veins since I was a kid. I built numerous Robin Hood Lego creations growing up and even made a couple stop-motion Robin Hood movies! Being able to illustrate these iconic characters (and some new ones too!) for Rescuing Robin Hood has been a total blast.”

Abigail León, Katie Scott, Heidi Considine, Marketing Associates: These ladies are college students with a passion for board games, business, and design. Abigail heads graphic design, Katie heads project management, and Heidi heads social media. Through their efforts, they hope to see the Rescuing Robin Hood Kickstarter succeed!

3. What existing games would you compare your game to?

Rescuing Robin Hood takes the deck-building of Dominion, the collaboration of Pandemic and the press your luck thrill of black jack, weaving them all together in a beautiful story about hope in the face of adversity.

4. What sets your game apart?

All 80 characters in Rescuing Robin Hood have unique backstories. Players have the opportunity to get to know the villagers of Nottingham as they attempt to rescue Robin Hood; this element also allows for a slice of medieval authenticity.

Here’s an example of the character backstory of Sir Render: Sir Render is one of the most-feared and best-protected warriors in Nottingham. He is fashionably dressed and well-mannered to all of the members of society. This humble fellow was born into aristocracy and has received training since childhood in weaponry, horses and the rules of chivalry. His stunning good looks and ability to recite poetry on the spot are cherries on top of an already dazzling person. Little do the other guards of Nottingham castle know, but he is good friends with Robin Hood and wants to help rescue him. Don’t give away his secret!

5. How can everyone be assured that they are going to get quality components and you are going to deliver on all the promises you are making?

During our prototype creation, a number of the reviewers have commented on the high quality or our components. We plan to increase our print quality through working with a manufacturer that is able to produce even higher quality than our prototype manufacturer. We will be reviewing samples before the full print job is completed which should also help to assure excellent quality.

6. Why should someone back your project?

As reviewer Christ Goodelt of Charity Gamer put it, “This was a fun and solid experience. I think this is worthy of being on your family’s table and deserves your backing. The art is playful, the gameplay easy to follow and I truly had a great time!”

Rescuing Robin Hood Kickstarter Cards

Well we are satisfied!

Great insight and enthusiasm from a passionate design team. A fun collaborative deck refinement game that is set against one of the most beloved stories of all time. Take a look at their Kickstarter or social media pages for more info!

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