Our latest interview in a new series, Why You Should Kickstart Syndicate. Questions from the creators answered. Syndicate is an interplanetary conquest board game, launching on Kickstarter on August 18, 2020. The game is brought to you by a pair of lifelong friends who have been working on their board game with deep sci-fi storytelling for some time now and are excited to bring it to the world. Check out the link below to go directly to the Syndicate Board Game Kickstarter page or continue on for more.

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SYNDICATE board game art

We had some time with the creators Greg & Josh and asked our series of questions to get to the bottom of some of the concerns you may have on your mind before backing. They had great things to say.

1. How would you describe Syndicate 2 sentences?

SYNDICATE is an interplanetary conquest thematic, 4x board game for 1 to 5 players. You control a young, enterprising criminal syndicate on the outer fringe of Arcturus, trying to stay under the radar of the Sovereign while competing with other criminal syndicates for money, power, loyal crew and advanced technology. Complete missions, set up criminal operations, and take down anyone that stands in your path to building the most formidable interplanetary criminal empire in the system.

2. Who are the people bringing this to market? Why this and how did you get here?

We are Greg Dietz and Josh Pollack, fast friends since childhood and team behind PDU games. Board games have been a pillar of our friendship, and we have made it our mission to give back to the community and create that emotional connection between friends, family and even strangers that only the magic circle of tabletop games can create.

Both of us are avid board game players and big science fiction fans. Naturally, a science fiction themed game is the direction we wanted to go. Deeper than that the idea of SYNDICATE came in the many steps and iterative process of board game design. We started with sticky notes on the wall and table along with some poker chips and then through hundreds of tests and scores of game models the mechanics formed. Simultaneously, we exercised the other passion Josh and I share, writing science fiction. As we built the game mechanics we wove in an immense universe of world building, which adds to the thematic element and player immersion of the game.

3. What existing games would you compare your game to?

  • Terraforming Mars: sci-fi space theme with tile placement and robust action menu; player mat and use of denominations of the same components interchangeably used for all resource types.
  • Monopoly: open trading and income (some not all) through area ownership.
  • Dead of Winter: in game story flair, mission cards and action dice
  • Scythe: economics and resource management with engaging, but not central, combat.
  • Catan: easy to learn with large depth of play and replayability.

4. What sets your game apart from everything else out there?

SYNDICATE is an unusual blend of thematic 4X with Eurostyle aspects such resource management, area control, combat as an option, no elimination and a player’s ability to come from behind for a win at any time. Another unusual thing is that trading can only occur when it is NOT your turn.

What truly makes it unique is the expansive lore behind it. There is an entire universe created behind the game of SYNDICATE and we plan to bring more of this universe to the world through more games, stories and however else we can like books and videos. Star Wars started somewhere, right?

5. How can everyone be assured that they are going to get quality components and you are going to deliver on all the promises you are making?

We have gone through rigorous testing and preparation to make sure the product you receive is top-of-the-line and that you will receive it on time. We have partnered with multiple experienced groups including a game manufacturing consultant, a well known pledge manager and a top notch fulfillment agency.

6. Why should someone back your project?

When you make an investment in a game you want to be able to play it again and again. SYNDICATE is beautifully varied in the approaches it offers players to achieve the objective, and the expansive lore behind it immerses you into the distant worlds you will occupy.

Syndicate Board Game Designers

Well we are satisfied!

Solid answers from people who care about what they are doing for why you should Kickstart Syndicate. Follow along with this campaign and think about if it might want to be something you want to get behind. We want to thank Greg Dietz and Josh Pollack of PDU Games for taking the time and sharing more about his vision with us. Go to the Kickstarter page and other resources at the links below.

Syndicate – Kickstarter Page
Syndicate – Website
PDU Games – Facebook
PDU Games – Instagram

Have you received enough info on why you should Kickstart Syndicate? Are you backing? Let us know in the comments below or on our BGH Facebook page.