A Wingspan review is what you came for and that is what we are going to give you. Wingspan is one of, if not the most, hot board games to come out of 2019. It is that medium to heavy engine builder you have been looking for your whole life. It is a game about running a bird sanctuary, but do not get the wrong idea, it is great. The theme lends itself to glorious bursts of color and serenity at the same time. More importantly, what is at the core of gameplay is pretty special. You have a limited amount of actions to take but all very meaningful to help your birds grow. It is very like Splendor in that way but with much more going on. A wonderful title from the publisher Stonemaier Games. This is our Wingspan review of the board game.

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Fun (10 out of 10)

This had been said here many times in other reviews like this Wingspan review, but a big key to fun is many paths to victory. You can reach for victory via your own path, you are invested and it is thrilling. That is the key to a good engine builder or game in general, and Wingspan has it. You do things like lay eggs, gain food or draw from hundreds of bird cards.

Replayability (8 out of 10)

There is so much content in this game. They want deep, as you will see reflected in other categories in this Wingspan review, and you can play many games without seeing the same thing. And every game is different, you can get to a win in many different ways so every game is brand new. This lends itself to something you can play many times. This is not one of those play hundreds of times forever, but definitely one with many hours in it.

Player Interaction (8 out of 10)

The player interaction in Wingspan is not as deep as others, but as far as the genre goes, they do a great job. You are fighting over resources with other players and where you are and do affect everyone else. It is a great group experiment. And everyone is learning about birds together in a fun way. Its to be expected that a game about birds would not have an in your face player action component but the interaction here is pretty solid.

Quality (10 out of 10)

High marks in this Wingspan review go to quality. The designers must have spent hundreds of hours on this, every detail is immaculate. They go so deep into this world. The saying “anything worth doing is worth doing right” has never been truer. No one else needs to attempt a bird sanctuary game, because Wingspan has already done it right. Besides that, this game will last, the pieces are of high quality to match the bigger price tag.

Art & Style (10 out of 10)

If you are into the artwork, or better yet like art and nature, well wow this one is up there. The nuances in all the birds are intense. The attention to detail, as previously mentioned, is off the charts. There are so many different elements to this game and each one has been handled with care. And one thing you need to give Stonemaier Games credit on, is that if they are going to take on a theme they do it right. Every move they carefully consider how it fits in. That cohesive style across the whole game is so immersive. High marks from this Wingspan review.


Wingspan Review | Board Game Halv

Wingspan is a fantastic top of the line game and fully deserves to sit atop our list of the best board games of 2019. It is a top of the line game in the engine building genre and it has an invigorating theme that will make you love learning about birds. For 1 - 5 players, games last about 40 - 70 minutes ages 10+. We really like this one and we hope that our Wingspan review has been helpful for you and it is a game you go out there and check out.

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