May 17, 2022 – Publisher WizKids announces new Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition. Five years after its initial release, this new version is getting a major upgrade that is sure to get collectors excited and a great way to get new players excited about this classic combo-licious card game. It can be pre-purchased now at the WizKids store with an expected release of Q4 2022 and an MRSP of $36.74.

The Deluxe Edition includes new sleek, intuitive graphic design. The base game cards have also been updated to feature new art from Anthony Cournoyer that matches his beloved work on The Cursed Hoard expansion, giving the entire game a fresh look!

Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition includes:

  • The original base game with all new art and graphic design!
  • The Cursed Hoard, which includes two expansion modules, also with new graphic design!
  • The Jester and Phoenix cards, previously only available as promo cards!
  • 100+ art sleeves to protect all the included cards, plus some extras!
Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition 3d Game Box

In Fantasy Realms, you build your Realm, one card at a time, as you collect Beasts, Armies, Wizards, and more! Each card is unique and scores points based on the other cards in your hand. You start with seven cards, and each turn you’ll draw a new card from the deck or discard, and discard one card from your hand, always trying to improve your Realm! Whoever’s realm scores the most points is the winner! This game is light and easy to teach, but the versatility and tough in-game choices hook players of all experience levels.

The deluxe game is NOT compatible with the original. This version has unique graphic design and card backs. However, there will be no need to mix the two, since it includes all current Fantasy Realms content. That said, since it includes card sleeves, you could mix them if you really want to.


  • 95 Cards
  • 100+ Full Art Card Sleeves
  • 1 Scorepad
  • 1 Rulebook

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