November 1, 2021 – In a new site update, the World Series of Board Gaming daily lineup and ticket packages have been released. The inaugural annual event will take place in September of 2022 and has been making a splash in the month of October ever since it was announced by Tom Vasel on the Dice Tower Autumn Spectacular. The event will have 16 different board games and the organization behind the event had each one of the games announced by a different gaming personality over the following weeks leading up to tickets going on sale, which is right now.

Here are the games announced:

  1. Blood Rage (Announced via: Dice Tower)
  2. Ra (Announced via: Dice Tower)
  3. Azul (Announced via: Man vs Meeple)
  4. 7 Wonders with Leaders Expansion (Announced via: Man vs Meeple)
  5. Splendor (Announced via: Watch It Played)
  6. Dune: Imperium (Announced via: Drive Thru Games)
  7. Ticket To Ride (Announced via: Blue Peg Pink Peg)
  8. Settlers of Catan (Announced via: Tim Chuon)
  9. Carcassonne (Announced via: Roll For Crit)
  10. Great Western Trail (Announced via: Brother’s Murph)
  11. Terraforming Mars (Announced via: Quackalope)
  12. Brass: Birmingham (Announced via: Rolling Dice & Taking Names)
  13. Dominant Species: Marine (Announced via: The Geek All Stars)
  14. Gaia Project (Announced via: Secret Cabal)
  15. Wingspan (Announced via: Lord of the Board)
  16. Acquire (Announced via: Gaming Rules)

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World Series of Board Gaming Schedule

While these came out in a seemingly random order, no direction was given as to what events would take place on which of the 4 Ring Event Days. We spoke to Brian Muller, Director of Public Relations for the World Series of Board Gaming to get further details about the event and some clarifications about how it will work. In regards to the games he said You can play in up to four of different games because you are able to play in a maximum one each day (given you buy the passes for them). It was unknown which games would be on what day until now.

  • Wednesday, September 28th – 7 Wonders @ 4pm || Splendor @ 5pm
  • Thursday, September 29th – Wingspan @ 9am || Brass: Birmingham @ 9:30am || Dominant Species: Marine @ 10am || Acquire @ 10:30am
  • Friday, September 30th – Gaia Project @ 7:30am || Great Western Trail @ 8am || Ticket To Ride @ 8:30am || Ra @ 12:30pm || Azul @ 3pm
  • Saturday, October 1 – Catan @ 7:30am || Terraforming Mars @ 8am || Blood Rage @ 9am || Dune: Imperium @ 12:30pm || Carcassonne @ 3:30pm
  • Sunday, October 2 – Semi-Finals @ 9am || Finals @ 1pm
World Series of Board Gaming 2021 Schedule

World Series of Board Gaming Schedule Packages and Tickets Sale Info

The event will be taking place at Balley’s hotel which is in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. You do not need to stay there in order to participate in the event but it is convenient so they are offering ticket packages that not only let you get into the event (or events) but also packages that have nights stay at the hotel. Yes, it is convenient, but if you do not know anything about Vegas, there are tons of nearby hotels that are just as convenient so do not feel the pressure that you have to stay there.

The preliminary events are the ring events. Each game is its own event where the winner will take home a championship ring. Anyone can participate in these, but you have to win one to move on to the semi-finals that take place on Sunday. As previously mentioned, you can play in up to four of these ring events, one max per day. The cost starts at $250 if you are playing in only one event and up to $450 if you want the package that allows you to play in all four with a few extra bonuses.

They also have a limited edition package that they are only offering 250 of. For a total of $900 you get to play in four events, get some side event passes and get accommodations for the who time in Balley’s hotel. If you are just booking your accommodation through them and plan to be there the whole time, this is a great deal. They quote the savings at $178 with that option.

World Series of Board Gaming 2021 Price Packages

Learn More at WSBG Website || Buy Tickets || Age Restriction 21+

This is going to be a big event with very high stakes. Not only is there a $25,000 cash + $3k championship bracelet for the winner. There are big bragging rights for the champion of each individual event. Besides the main event that will be both fun to watch and participate in, it will have all the bells and whistles of a normal gaming con. A big side event structure is planning and there will be an exhibitor hall and tons of other stuff to do over the 5 days in Las Vegas.

Are you excited the World Series of Board Gaming daily lineup and ticket packages have been released? Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments below!